Metro Megamix Concrete Philippines Inc.

Metro Megamix Concrete Philippines Inc. is one of the leading providers of ready mix concrete in Metro Manila. Metro Megamix Concrete Philippines Inc. strives to engineer sustainable concrete solutions for modern construction through its commitment to quality and professional service. Our plant was strategically placed in North Caloocan to cater to projects in some areas in Bulacan until Pasay. 

Quality Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

Our concrete mix, which is composed by 3/4 and 3/8 aggregates, cement, water, and admix from government accredited suppliers. All our design mixes are developed by experts who have been in the industry for at least four decades. We have experiences in high strength requirements near coastal waters. 

We offer the ff:

  • Compressive Strength 1500 psi to 10,000 psi Ready Mix Concrete
  • Concrete Self Consolidating Concrete
  • Controlled Low Strength Concrete
  • Bored-Pile Mix Concrete
  • Lightweight Concrete

*We deliver quality and yet affordable ready-mix concrete/ ready mix cement from BULACAN TO PASAY. INQUIRE NOW!

Pumpcrete Truck For Rent

  • Line Pumpcrete
  • Boom 32 Meters
  • Boom 37 Meters
  • Boom 43 Meters
  • Boom 52 Meters


Our pumpcrete services has been around for over a decade already. We have a proven track record in helping out large scale projects.